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Made in Chicago Series - Chicagoland Shorts Night

Short films selections from the first 5 volumes of Chicagoland Shorts:

Edison directed by Daniel Davison - CLS Vol. 2
An experimental animation set against a crumbling and abandoned cityscape.

On The Rink directed by Benjamin Buxton - CLS Vol. 4
There's nothing like a good skate. The Rink in Southside Chicago has been home to a vibrant community of roller skating enthusiasts for over 40 years. This portrait of the skaters who make up a unique Chicago staple exhibits the energy of a day on the rink.

Bound directed by Monica Thomas - CLS Vol. 2
A dance film between three dancers and an object: books. The dancers evolve through a range of physical relationships with the books, revealing a range of metaphorical possibilities and examining the process of meaning-making itself.

Exodus: Sounds of the Great Migration directed by Lonnie Edwards - CLS Vol. 5
Told through live performance, dance, and spoken word, Exodus looks into how the Great Migration gave birth to many artists that influenced and empowered black culture.

Sparrow Duet directed by Steve Socki - CLS Vol. 3
Animated abstract shapes and gestures dance together in patterns suggesting ritualistic, bird-like action.

I Miss Jamie When She's Gone directed by Ashley Thompson - CLS Vol. 5
Two estranged sisters return to the suburbs of Chicago ten months after their father's sudden death to clean out their childhood home.

The summer screening series Made in Chicago: Indie Film Series is presented in collaboration with Gallagher Way Chicago. The series will feature a film the second Monday of every month at Gallagher Way, the space adjacent to Wrigley Field. Full Spectrum Features has developed four distinct themed movie nights to highlight producers, writers, directors and actors with ties to Chicago. Screenings will feature underrepresented, up-and-coming and established Chicago filmmakers alike, and will highlight themes not typically seen on the big screen.