The Personal is Political

WHEN: November 10, 2:00 PM

La Música de las Esferas (Music of the Spheres) / Directed by Marcel Beltrán / 82 min. / 2018 / Documentary Feature / Spanish with English subtitles

Beltrán’s father Mauricio and mother Regina met in the 1980s. Equally committed to socialist ideals, they started a life together, even though Regina’s father rejected Mauricio on account of his race. Beltrán draws out what was sacrificed as his parents forged into the austerity of the 1990s, simultaneously confronting the fraught politics of family and nation both.

POST-SCREENING PRESENTATION: Presentation will feature an intimate conversation with Marcel about his film, Music of the Spheres which pays homage to his parents’ enduring love while pondering his country’s turbulent history.