Cuban Visions is a new film series presented by Full Spectrum Features and the Americas Media Initiative. Cuban Visions will present the work of Cuban filmmakers to Chicago audiences, providing a unique window into both early revolutionary and contemporary Cuban society. This bi-monthly series, launching in January 2019, will include six programs at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago over the course of one year.

The series will feature a diverse range of Cuban films including animation, short fiction, and documentaries, and cover issues such as racial inequity, the Cuban economy, Cuban internationalism, Afro-Cuban identity, women’s rights, and more. Each of the six screenings will be followed by panel discussions, featuring Cuban filmmakers, producers, journalists, film critics and scholars as well as U.S.-based academics and community stakeholders. These thought-provoking and rarely seen Cuban films will challenge U.S. audience’s long-held misconceptions about past and present Cuban reality.

Programmed by Alexandra Halkin


Racial Inequity and Class in a Changing Cuba — January 24

LGBTQ Politics and Gay Marriage — March 1

Economics 101 — May 5

Emerging Women Filmmakers — July 19

Cuban Animation from the 1960s to Today — October 19

The Personal is Political — November 10