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Never having stepped foot in a strip club, Cassidy starts her first night as a dancer at The Siren, Chicago's most popular strip club. There she meets a group of millennial aged dancers who will dramatically alter her perception of religion, sexuality and self worth. Will these young women manage to balance their careers, love lives and health with the sometimes glamorous but often daunting world of sex work?

DIRECTORS: Laura Day, Arielle Rogers

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Censored Love

In a Spanish village in 1969, 17 year-old Salomé dreams of singing on Don Higinio Aguirre’s popular radio show. In the present day, Aguirre’s son Fidel aspires to live up to his father’s legacy. The film follows the two timelines, as they eventually intersect. An illicit romance blossoms between Salomé and her best friend Miranda, who encourages the young singer to follow her dreams and audition for Aguirre’s show. Back in present day, Fidel searches for the elusive singer whose 1960’s hit remains a mystery.

DIRECTOR: Mario Garza



Code-Switched follows an ensemble of five South Asian-American millennials as they try and navigate lives in an increasingly gentrified Chicago.

DIRECTOR: Karan Sunil

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Showgirls of Pakistan

With unprecedented access, this documentary intimately follows the lives of three showgirls living on the fringes of Pakistani society.


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Triple Threat

Friends are pulled apart as a shared Broadway dream is challenged by a new dream: family.

DIRECTOR: Stacey Maltin



In an alternative 1980s underground, women rule organized crime. Rising star Sophia will stop at nothing in her pursuit of power. As a lifetime of violence and web of uneasy alliances start to take their toll, she braces for a reckoning. Can she make it out of this one alive? 

DIRECTOR: Anna Remus