We look for innovative projects that foreground traditionally marginalized voices. Central to our filmmaking process is the belief that key creative roles should be held by individuals from the communities that will be represented on screen. As importantly, we believe a film’s potential for impact is highest when a filmmaker has a strong and committed relationship with the film’s intended audience.

  • Short Films: We are most interested in short films that service a larger vision (it might be part of a broader educational or advocacy campaign or it might be a proof-of-concept for an eventual feature).

  • Episodic: We look for innovation in form, in vision, and in audience engagement.

  • Feature Films: Not only do we look for congruence between film, filmmaker/s, and audience but we look for established connections and relationships between film, filmmaker/s, and audience.

When we sign onto a project, we enter into a long-term creative and business partnership with the filmmaker. This means we commit to nurturing the creative vision of the project as well as the professional growth of the filmmaking team. In order to have the biggest possible impact on a project’s development, we get involved as early as we can, typically 6-12 months before principal photography.

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