The Year Between


PRODUCER: Eugene Sun Park
GENRE: Comedy
FORMAT: Feature Film
STATUS: Development


Clemence quits college after people discover the homemade toilet in her dorm room. She needs help. So she heads to her childhood home in the suburbs to “heal,” while making her mom, dad, sister, and brother wonder, “Are we being punished?”

Through YouTube yoga, high school parties, and a tumor that threatens the person she needs most, Clemence finds reasons to grow the hell up.

An irreverent comedy about manic depression, cancer, and getting paid $8.75 an hour to fold shit. The Year Between shows mental illness not as a passive death sentence, but as an often-hilarious and generally-fucked up adventure.


ALEX HELLER is a 25-year-old mentally ill filmmaker who lives in her parents' basement.

The Year Between is her first feature film. In addition to being selected for the TFI Network, The Year Between was one of five projects selected for AT&T Presents: Untold Stories, the million-dollar pitch at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Alex's short film Handjob played at the Chicago International Film Festival won Best Comedy at CineYouth. Alex is currently finishing post-production with New York-based project Bayberry, a virtual reality experience about gender identity in the 1980s.

As a comic, Alex has opened for Jen Kober, Adam Devine, and Nick Offerman. She is the national winner of StorySlam Oslo 2017 (the Norwegian Moth), and was a featured storyteller on this season of Norway's Got Talent, before she was deservedly kicked off.

Follow Alex on Instagram at @thementallytrillest for daily mental health memes.

Watch Handjob here (password: door.) Get your own handjob here.