PRODUCERS: David Hughes, Michael Ray
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Karan Sunil, Komal Minhas, Sunil Nayar
Drama, Comedy
FORMAT: Web Series                                                                                                             
STATUS: Post-Production

Code-Switched follows an ensemble of five South Asian-American millennials as they try and navigate lives in an increasingly gentrified Chicago. Rahul, Krish, and Joe are ambitious, yet insecure twenty-somethings who try and carve their lines in the sand between parental expectations and their personal goals. Rahul, an idealistic, aspiring actor has to fill his hardest role yet, convincing his parents that he is a successful law student. Krish, a med student who loves a good party must fulfill his family’s expectations of being a doctor. Joe, a bright, computer-science major has to decide between filling his father’s shoes or carving his own path. Meanwhile, the pair of Zara and Priya are career-focused women who aim to carve a life on their terms while juggling marriage proposals, thirsty men, and their male-dominant workplaces. Zara, an eccentric insurance analyst, seeks individuality between being a self-practicing Muslim and adhering to her parents’ traditional values. Priya, a charmingly-awkward marketing associate, is out to prove herself at her firm while fending off her mom’s pressure to get married. 


Karan Sunil is an award-winning writer and director. His web-series, Code-Switched, was listed as one of Chicago Reader's 'Web Series to Watch in 2018' and has won several film festival awards including 'Best Web Series' at the Los Angeles Film Awards and 'Best TV / Web Screenplay' at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. He recently worked as an assistant on CBS's The Red Line and is a former Senior Producer at the iO Comedy Network in Chicago. He has also featured his work at venues like the Museum of Contemporary Art and the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago. Karan is a graduate of DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Cinema & Television Writing.