DIRECTORS: Lindsey Martin, Julia Fuller
PRODUCERS: Lindsey Martin, Julia Fuller
GENRE: Experimental Documentary, Animation
FORMAT: Documentary Short Film


Every Speed is a short experimental documentary that looks at the meaning of movement for people with and without physical disabilities – both in terms of design and accessibility of cities and transportation as well as personal experiences of movement – in the context of a culture that places value on independence, speed, and physical ability.


Best of Fest, New Urbanism Film Festival, Santa Monica, CA
24th Annual Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU24)
Best of Fest, New Urbanism Film Festival sponsored by Olympians for People-Oriented Places, Olympia, WA
New Urbanism Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
*Award for Best Urban Sociology Film
"Soulful Chicago Stories" at Access Living, sponsored by Chicago Artist Month
Run of Life, Experimental Documentary & Expanded Media Series, Chicago, IL
Ehtnografilm Festival, Paris, France
SF Urban Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
CAMRA at Penn Screening Scholarship Media Festival in collaboration with the 35th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum
San Francisco Documentary Film Festival
Louisville International Festival of Film
Northside DIY Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY
Iowa City Documentary Film Festival
Athens International Film & Video Festival
Asolo Art Film Festival, Asolo, Italy
*Premio Asolo Award for Best Film on Architecture



LINDSEY MARTIN is a filmmaker, animator and educator based out of Athens, Ohio. 

JULIA FULLER is a filmmaker and photographer from Oakland, CA. She currently is a Video Producer in Chicago.