Go Go, Boy!

DIRECTOR: Oriana Oppice
PRODUCERS: Oriana Oppice, Jane Barbara
GENRE: Coming of Age
FORMAT: Short Film
STATUS: Festivals
RUN TIME: 6:05


A young boy discovers his LGBTQ identity when he sets himself free by dancing in his bedroom.


Bobby is a boy living in the middle of the WWF craze. Everyone around him is WWF crazy, so Bobby feels immense pressure to be just like them. But when Bobby looks at himself in the mirror, he sees someone a little… different. Bobby remembers he had found a flyer with a different kind of men on it… male dancers. He imitates the men on the flyer, moving the way he wants to move. Bobby transports himself into his fantasy world, floating across the stage effortlessly, dancing to his own beat. In this new world, he can be free of the wrestling ring’s ropes, free from society’s expectations of who he should be. Here, he is allowed to feel accepted, worthy, and fabulous. As his mother interrupts his dance session, he hops back into reality and back into bed, out of breath but happy.




Born in Sicily and raised in Chicago, ORIANA OPPICE is an award-winning independent film and commercial director, writer, producer, and actor. Currently, she is in the film festival circuit for Go Go, Boy. Recent award-winning films include Leia’s Army — for which she has won two Best Director awards — Lobster fra Diavolo, Camp Belvidere and Lost and Found. Her experience as an immigrant has influenced her work as she focuses on outsider characters and circumstances. She tells the stories of big things happening to little people, both in comedy and drama. She is committed to elevating the visibility of women in front of and behind the camera, and is the Director of Programming & Communications for Women in Film Chicago.