DIRETOR: Emily Esperanza
WRITERS: Emily Esperanza, Jeffrey Carl Mull
PRODUCER: Eugene Sun Park                             
FORMAT: Feature Film
STATUS: In Development


María, a bathroom attendant at the nightclub "El Infierno," dreams of being a famous singer. But a mysterious woman's appearance at the club triggers a strange series of events, eventually causing María to get fired from her job. Out of work and broke, María responds to a newspaper classified advertising fulfillment of one’s wildest dreams. But when María makes a deal with the devil, she will pay full price.


The story structure of Lotería is based on the Mexican bingo game of lotería. In the game, players must match cards drawn at random to the corresponding spaces on their sheets. When a player matches four spaces in a row, they declare 'lotería!' and win the game.

Inspired by the four-card “bingo” win, the film is told in four parts, each part corresponding to a card in the game.


About the creator

Photo by Adora Wilson-Eye

Photo by Adora Wilson-Eye

EMILY ESPERANZA is a filmmaker and artist whose passions lie in discarded aesthetics, liminal spaces, guerrilla approaches, and unconventional narrative. An advocate of rebellious voices in cinema, Emily is the founder and co-curator of WRETCHED NOBLES, a Chicago-based immersive monthly film/video screening shorts program. Emily’s new film, Make Out Party, co-produced by Full Spectrum Features, premiered earlier this year at an event co-presented by FSF and Chicago Underground Film Festival. Emily currently lives in Marfa, TX.