October 21-22 7:30-10:30pm
Silent Funny, 4106 W Chicago Ave

Performances by: 
Elaine Lemieux (vocals and movement)
Hanna Brock (violin, vocals and movement)
Sara Zalek (vocals and movement and design)
Heather Marie Vernon (vocals and movement)
Jason Soliday (handmade instruments, sound and movement)
Jeff Schroeder (guitar and effects)

Costumes and Props by: Sky Cubacub (Rebirth Garments), Here Heather Vernon, Sara Zalek

Created by Sara Zalek and Eugene Sun Park, this event is an immersive experience of projections, live performance, and sound as we begin to edit the series of short films Formidable Dreams, about an androgynous trickster hero, often out of time, who travels through watery environments where present, sudden memory, and dream states co-mingle.

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Eugene Sun Park