Holy Trinity


PRODUCERS: Eugene Sun Park, Molly Hewitt
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Eddie Linker, Joe Swanberg, Peter Gilbert
ART DIRECTOR: Moodkiller
GENRE: Experimental Drama/Comedy
FORMAT: Feature Film
STATUS: Post-production

Produced by Full Spectrum Features, Forager Film Company (Joe Swanberg, Peter Gilbert, Eddie Linker) and Glamhag Productions Holy Trinity is about a Dominatrix from Chicago named Trinity who huffs the contents of a magic aerosol can and develops the ability to speak to the dead. 

Constantly thrown between hallucination and reality, Trinity  seeks the counsel of a variety of different people including a priest, drag queens, an energy worker and a witch who all teach her their spiritual practices. Many of these characters are played by non-actors who are artists, queers, and healers living in Chicago. The characters are inspired by the actors playing the roles, whether they share characteristics or are an exaggerated version of themselves. Once Trinity develops her strange ability, she struggles with the power it brings her, finding herself tempted to give in to her newfound fame. 

This film was a labor of love made by a community in Chicago. This project was made by women, members of the LGBTQ community, BDSM, sex work and kink communities. Holy Trinity will represent these people in a positive light, moving away from the redundant tropes we have seen in film. This movie is not just about these people it is made by and for them. 

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MOLLY HEWITT is a writer, director, performance and drag artist. In her work Molly imitates, dissects, consumes, and re-enacts her surroundings. Unraveling the mechanisms and meanings of cultural text to be reused in an illuminating or empowering way.  Molly makes work about sexuality, performing femininity, objectification, food, and desire. Attempting to relate, understand, and subvert through imitation.

Molly’s short film Maggie’s Problem was an official selection of the Chicago Underground Film Festival and won Best Art Direction at the North Portland Unknown Film Festival. You can watch the film on watch.troma.com.

More at mollyhewitt.net and @glamhag on instagram.