DIRECTOR: Stacey Maltin
Narrative Feature                                                                                
STATUS: In Production

Chloe has only ever wanted one thing: to be on Broadway. After a fateful night, she knows she has found her collaborators in new best friend Gus, a charismatic actor and her oldest friend, Maggie, a driven director. Eleven years, multiple workshops, and an off-Broadway run, later, the show has attracted the interest of a large Broadway producer who is ready to launch the trio’s dreams. But Gus has multiple dreams which include finally having a baby. As a queer man with no partner, his options are limited and he turns to his two best friends to help him. As the show creeps towards a Broadway opening, Chloe reluctantly donates an egg and Maggie enthusiastically agrees to be the surrogate. As Gus drifts further towards a life of traditional fatherhood, Chloe pulls back from any motherly responsibilities, and Maggie tries to prove that you can in fact have it all.